Dating pickett slide rules

Physical description: the pickett 1000 slide rule is made of three rectangular bars of aluminum alloy coated in plastic with grooved slides two bars are connected at the end with braces that are mounted to the flat side of the bars and the third bar is free to slide between them, held in place by slide tension springs. Nevertheless, pickett, probably america's most successful [citation needed] slide rule company, made all printed scales premium slide rules included clever catches so the rule would not fall apart by accident, and bumpers to protect the scales and cursor from rubbing on tabletops. Pickett 535 electronic slide rule instructions there are 10 scans in 3 zip files file 1 - p535-1zip - 228 mb (2,392,185 bytes) file 2 - p535-2zip - 272 mb (2,860,920 bytes) file 3 - p535-3zip - 174 mb (1,827,134 bytes) elementary simplex math slide rule (pickett n901-es) there are 27 scans in 5 zip files.

The iconic slide rule, long identified with the science and engineering professions before the advent of the electronic calculator, had two sliding components that set it apart from an ordinary rule: the slide running down the center of its body, and the transparent hairline cursor (also called runner) that moved over both body and slide. Aluminum pickett-brand slide rules were carried on five apollo space missions, including to the moon, according to advertising on pickett's n600 slide rule boxes some engineering students and engineers carried ten-inch slide rules in belt holsters, and even into the mid 1970s this was a common sight on campuses. Buy a slide rule from our extensive on line marketplace, with restored classics, amazing new in the box rules, and low cost first student rules we have something for everybody, even a swap and sell area for visitors.

Pickett n1010-es trig 7' classroom teaching aid slide rule the condition of this 4' teaching aid sliderule is very nice it is model # n01010-es trig rule it is model # n01010-es trig rule it dates from the 1960's or 70's. Pickett n700-t us air force aerial photo slide rule type a-2 this is part of the photographic interpretation kit made by union instruments shown on the scientific instruments page pickett 800 es. The relay/ricoh group made a range of slide rules under other names sometimes this was a slide rule made to the specific requirements of another company which produced slide rules and and in other cases it was a distribution agreement.

This slide rule uses a light green scale, a first in japanese slide rules january, 1959 - the model p23 (7-inch) slide rule, a new style of slide rule for student use, is introduced, using plastic as a material for the first time. Slide rules were the primary tool for performing multiplication, division and other scientific functions up through the 1960s and the development of the electronic calculator there are straight, circular and cylindrical slide rules, all collectible. - slide rule history, from galileo's sector at the end of the 16th century to present day - links library with links to many websites that contain information about slide rules • the oughtred society also has slide rule books for sale: - the oughtred society slide rule reference manual 102 pages, 109 photos. Circular slide rules pocket watch slide rules pickett and eckel slide charts electronics compass 505 made in japan by relay/ricoh it is the same as the relay 505, the sic 5050, the lafayette 99-7030 and the lafayette 99-70302 dietzgen 1737 made in japan by relay/ricoh.

Dating pickett slide rules

Sliderulemuseumcom andy was a contributor of numerous slide rules to the international slide rule museum which can be found in the pickett and post galleries he died in 2010 and was survived by his wife anne in longmont, colorado who donated this slide rule to isrm in 2011. Vintage picket & eckel metal slide rule model 1010 es trig w leather case - $1251 picket & eckel aluminum slide rule model 1010 es trig with leather case with belt loop i would date it mid to late 1950's rule needs to have slide track cleaned and lubracated please view the exploded pictures and read item specifics for condition. Greetings this site contains scans and descriptions of my collection of slide rules, along with several pages of (hopefully) useful background information. [jeff weiner brought to my attention that actually there are some slide rules that can add and subtract, specifically the pickett microline 115 and the pickett 901 rules] a slide rule consists of three parts: the body , the slide , and the cursor.

Slide rule: info / scales: pickett b1 click for bigger pic 12 / 10 bamboo powerlog dual base exponential speed slide rule bamboo construction (pickett's only bamboo rule), made in japan, and marketed in the usa by pickett log log scales are folded 80 inches long with a range from 000005 to 22,000 20 inch square root scales. Five pickett electronics slide rules brian borchers the ve pickett slide rules described in this article were especially designed for electronics calculations sev-eral of these rules were manufactured by pickett for var-ious correspondence courses in electronics in the follow.

Re: instructions for castell slide rules, mirfazeli, navigation by various german slide rules over its lifetime every slide rule, pickett u many thanks to vintage nestler type ii curta calculator has the sales date. This is a vintage pickett slide rule model n 803 in very good condition comes with the original box, leather sleeve, and the manu brand new but still unboxed selling it for the lowest price ever posted 2195. Note: the accuraspeed slide rule was designed by eg saenz, jr of corpus christi, texas, was a physics and mathematics teacher at flour bluff high school who began to market a slide rule he designed for students competing in the texas university intrascholastic league slide rule competitions. The isrm shows the exact same rule in yellow as model number n903-es pickett n903-t another very similar rule, but in mint condition with a nice leather case.

Dating pickett slide rules
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